About Katie


I Am Katie


I am passionate about journey work. I am passionate about hair. I am passionate about energy and crystal healing. So I worked on learning each of these passions individually. Suddenly in an enlightened moment, I realized I can combine these to create an awesome experience for my clients. I combined all of my passions into one creative container – an experience that allows my clients to solve some of their more prominent pain points, such as not having enough time to nurture self.

My Mission

I am committed to witnessing your inward journey and helping you to reclaim your Inner Light and Personal Power.  


I am passionate about witnessing people reclaim their radiance inside and out! 

I am a mother, a wife, a student of life, a crystal communicator, healer and a hair stylist. I am a creator of relationships. I am a mentor and companion to witness you in your growth.

I am a Reiki Master, Master of Crystology, Crystal Surgery Practitioner, Microdosing Mentor, and a Master Hair Stylist. With over 20 years in Beauty and Wellness industry, and 10+ years in Alternative Healing. Blending these healing modalities together, I can create unique healing experiences. My goal is to help guide you back to finding your personal power and your inner light.

I am a native of Colorado and was blessed to grow up in the small town of Manitou Springs. At the base of Pikes Peak (Tava, or Sun Mountain), Manitou Springs is known for its healing mineral spring water and fresh mountain air and the red rocks of Garden of the Gods. Healers of different modalities have been drawn here for almost 100 years.
As a mother of 6 and deeply committed to home and family, with 3 girls and 3 boys, I understand the struggles of a busy lifestyle and understand complicated family dynamics. Because of this I know how important it is to make time for yourself.


My mantra: I am committed to growth
through continuous learning
and experience.

My Crystal Healing Story

For as long as I can remember I have loved rocks and crystals. My mother would take me every year to the City Auditorium for the Pike Peak Gem and Mineral Show. This is when I started to collect crystals, some of which I still have today. Spending my summers on the shore of Lake Michigan provided the opportunity for great rock and fossil hunting. As other kinds played in the water, I spent hours walking the beach looking for treasure. Stones, Crystals, Fossils and Minerals fascinated me. I always felt they held some magical power.

When I was 11 years old, I moved to Manitou Springs, Colorado. This provided the opportunity for exposure to all kinds of Metaphysical and New Age types of people and stores. I loved to go in and bug the shop owners and ask all sorts of questions. I would also spend most of my days exploring the rock formations of the Garden of the Gods. I would take my dog, meet my best friend, and spend hours exploring this magical place.

Across the street from my house, was a large red rock formation with an incredible house built on it and at the base was a small field. I would spend many nights laying in the field watching shooting stars. One day my mother came home and handed me a book. She said there is a lady staying in the house across the street and she wrote a book about crystals and how they can help people with the healing properties they possess. The lady had given my mother a signed copy of her book, Love Is In The Earth, By Melody. My mother wasn’t really interested and thought I would enjoy it more than she would. I had no idea how important this book would be in my life. A few years later I had the opportunity to meet Melody briefly when I need to ask our neighbor a question, she was the one who answered the door.

I rarely used my book when I was younger. I was busy living my life and starting my career as hairstylist and starting a family. After the birth of my triplets, I started revisiting old interest of mine. I had always wanted to learn Reiki and so I found a teacher and the healing arts became my new passion. One day I was going through my old jewelry and found a wire wrapped crystal I had bought in Manitou as a teenager. I decided I would start warning it again. This was a life-changing moment for me. I was going about my day and feeding the kid’s lunch. Out of know where I was hit with a wave of energy that almost knocked me off my feet. An intense wave of dizziness and nausea. What was happening? I was just feeling fine, then I wasn’t. The only thing I could deduce down to that was different was this crystal. I took it off and left it on the counter. To my surprise I felt fine. So, I put the crystal back on, instantaneously I felt the hit of energy. I was in a bit of shock. I decided to not wear it again until I had time to figure things out. I put the kids down for a nap and started looking things up online about crystals. Then a memory came folding in. I remember a Manitou street vendor admiring my crystal. I let her look at it, she tried to get me to give it to her. She told me it was a “Record Keeper”. As we were leaving, she kept trying to make deals with me to give her my crystal, she said “you are so young and have no idea what you even have”. And she was right, I hadn’t a clue.

So, from this memory I started my search. What I found was amazing.  I learned that a Record Keeper is a crystal with small pyramid shapes on the face of the crystal. Record Keepers contain ancient information recorded in the crystal and are usually tied to Lemuria and Atlantis. I believe that since my first Reiki attunement I was becoming more sensitive to energy. By wearing this high vibrational crystal, I became attuned to its higher energy. I sat in quiet meditation with the crystal until the attunement was finished. I formed a deep connection with this crystal. I was totally and completely in love with it. It was a part of me. From this point forward my life was forever changed, and my path was set. I completed my Reiki training and continued to self study with crystals and incorporate them into my healing work. I started to use that book my mother gave me all those years ago, as well as various others I found along the way. Then one day I found out that you could train in Melody Crystal Healing. To my excitement there was a teacher in Boulder Colorado. My journey had come full circle. I learned so much from this weekend course in Crystal Healing, but I felt there was more.

I was always seeking more. I knew there had to be a way to use the crystals like tools, I just didn’t know how to make that happen. One day when I was on instagram, I saw a post from another crystal healer. She was performing a body work technique called the Alexander Technique. I was very interested in what this was, as I was facing challenges with lower back pain. I found the woman who wrote a book on it. Coincidentally she had also written the book The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery by Vivien S Schapera. This was it; what I had known was out there. And check this out! The icing on the cake, she was a former student and friend of Melody. Amazing! I bought the book and after a brief phone call with Vivien I signed up for the class.

Working with Crystals furthered my own inner healing as well as deepening the work I do with others beyond my exceptions. 

My Hair Story

I have been in the Hair Industry for 23 years. I started my career at Aveda. Where I continued to advance in my education and knowledge of Hair, products, and world class service. After I had my first child I started working as an educator at the Aveda Institute Denver. This was an amazing experience. I got to meet some of the leading hairstylists in education and work directly with them. Working in an environment of continuous learning was very rewarding.
I stayed at home after my second pregnancy, to care for my family. A few years later I found myself needing to go back to work due to a divorce. I wasn’t in a place in life where I felt I could go back into a busy salon. I also didn’t feel like I could work for anyone else again. I needed to be my own boss! So, with the help of friends, who had already ventured out on their own, I started my own business. It was a struggle starting from nothing, but I did it. I created a successful business from nothing. It was such a rewarding experience to be behind the chair again. I love working with people to help them feel and look beautiful.

As much as I love doing hair, it can burn you out. I love doing hair, but I was tired. After the pandemic in 2020, I was feeling the burn out big time. I lost my passion, and it was showing. I decided I needed more. I started playing with the idea of blending my love of the healing arts and my love of hairstyling together. It has taken me a few years to figure out the right blend of the two. I started connecting with other healers in the community and offering them hair and healing treatments. I guess you could say I am a Hairstylist to the Healers!
I love working with women to help them achieve their goals and I love working with the healing energy of crystals. I combine these modalities to bring you a different type of salon experience. The combination of these modalities is what sets Inner Light Salon and Healing apart from other salons and healing spaces.

Inner Light is a privet suite where you are in a safe and comfortable space. I am here to witness you in all your beauty, inside and out. I am here to help you reclaim your personal power and inner light. It is also my passion to bring you the best clean haircare products on the market. I love experimenting with and trying new things.

Inner Light- where beauty and healing meet
Inner Light- Hairstyles for your lifestyle
Inner Light- Specializing in Woman’s Cuts/Color/Highlights/Lived in Color
Inner Light- Bring out your inner radiance
Inner Light- Witnessing you and your inner glow

My Microdosing Story

When I was younger, I immersed myself in the use of Psychedelics for purely recreational use. There were still a lot of negative stigmas around them and not much education. I had many wonderful experiences with them and felt I opened and expanded in ways I never would have without them. I credit them for helping to open me up and deepen my consciousness throughout my life. At one point I made the decision that this was something I should probably stop doing if I wanted to be a productive member of society. In hindsight I see it as the opposite.
Fast forward to the present. I am a hairstylist by trade and a client referred a friend to me. She was a Microdosing Coach! After years of not using Psychedelics, I was again curious and intrigued and began a new journey in my healing.

Life had thrown many hurdles my way over the years, and I was overwhelmed and burning out.

Before Microdosing I was in a constant state of stress. Growing up with trauma from being raised with an unpredictable narcissistic parent with poor boundaries, left me in a place of confusing codependent, relationships, repeating negative cycles in my life. I felt as if no matter how hard I tried, I took 1 step forward and 2 steps back. The lack of boundaries, self-neglect and reactive lifestyle brought me to a place of 2 autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, insecurity, anxiety, and loss of my inner power.

I am a mother of 6 and found myself over giving 24/7! I gave to my kids, my partner, to other family and friends. I was over extended, exhausted, and running out of options.

After Microdosing, I feel like I have not only got my life back but created a new one. With the help of my coach and the plant medicine I found my inner voice and learned how to express my boundaries. I learned it was ok to say NO! I felt less pain and wasn’t living in reaction to my life all the time. I was starting to consciously create my life. I was able to be a calmer rational person. I feel more connected to my loved ones as well as experience more gratitude in my life. I also started to realize what relationships no longer served positive purpose in my life and learned to lovingly let them go. Having learned to set boundaries for myself, some relationships just transformed and took on a new life. My spiritual practice has deepened as well. I love to microdose when meditating to go deeper and feel more connected to my energy and the energy around me. Combining Microdosing and my meditation practice enabled me to be able to avoid back surgery and I began to heal my injury. I feel Microdosing is a great addition to my manifestation practice and pairs well with my other healing modalities.

I gained the courage to start my practice as a Crystal Healer and started incorporating my microdosing into my sessions. It has deepened my healing work and intuition immensely. I also have clients who like to microdose for their sessions, so they may deepen their experience as well.

Microdosing has brought me to living a powerful, more authentic life and I am excited to cocreate with this medicine. I am truly passionate about helping others begin to heal through Microdosing and creating community within it.